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PepperJax has launched 2 new mobile kitchens. The food trucks are mini replicas of a PepperJax kitchen including their grill. Similar to in-store operations, they will be cooking live to order.

The trucks have a multi-purpose use for the brand. Outside of traditional things like events and festivals, PepperJax will use the trucks as a teaser for new restaurant openings. Additionally, they plan to utilize the trucks at existing restaurants that will be going through a brand refresh.

PepperJax introduced it’s first mobile kitchen in North Platte, Nebraska ahead of their store opening. The second truck is on the move in Iowa participating in local events this summer. The brand hopes to be able to offer mobile kitchens in the future for large caters and private parties.

“They’re the real deal. We didn’t skimp on the process and will be cooking to order just like we do in-store. We also added technology to stay current like digital menu boards and a sound system to keep guests entertained” says Erin Palladino, Chief Marketing Officer.

The mobile kitchens are a new way for PepperJax to participate within communities they service and introduce themselves to new ones. It really is grill-to-go, with the new PepperJax mobile kitchen. Food trucks beware.


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