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Look out Omaha! PepperJax has opened a new location. This is the second location since August. The new restaurant is at 510 S 72nd Street, Omaha, NE 68114, just north of Nebraska Furniture Mart. The location features a brand refresh and updated look, new service model with cashier and kiosk ordering, and a convenient pre-order pick-up window. Now guests have the option to order ahead online or through the PJax app and pick up their order without having to leave their car. This is the second restaurant to open with an updated look. In August, PepperJax opened a location at 2444 S 132nd Street that has a traditional drive thru set-up.

New location at 72nd street

The new restaurant is considered a location move. PepperJax had a different spot around the corner off 74th and Pacific that they have operated since 2006. The brand decided to move to 72nd street to a free-standing building. The addition of the pick-up window is the newest roll-out for the brand and something they are testing as a potential option for future locations.

Because PepperJax grills every entree to order and allows total customization, there are a lot of options and combinations for customers. The pre-order pick-up window is a potential alternative for drive thrus to assist guests in building their entrees conveniently from their device.

Inside look of new location

The location celebrated their opening with a VIP event that raised money for the American Cancer Society. It has been a company tradition from the beginning where they invite friends, family, and neighbors to get a sneak peak of their new restaurant. PepperJax serves free food in exchange for a monetary donation to charity. The event provides and environment for the staff to practice in a live customer setting and prepare for their opening day. The restaurant opened to the public on Wednesday, September 29th.

As for the future, the expansion in Omaha will continue with a new site located off 144th and I-80 that will open in the upcoming months. Omaha is where PepperJax started back in 2002 and continues to be a flagship for the brand. The company will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first location in January.

PepperJax operates in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota. For more information or to stay in-the-know check out The Buzz at PepperJax Grill | Our Latest News and Events or follow us at PepperJax Grill | Facebook.


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PepperJax grill is unveiling their next generation of restaurants ahead of their 20-year anniversary and the location holds special meaning to the brand.

PepperJax Grill is a quick-casual, grill-to-order restaurant. They opened the doors of their first location in January 2002 in Omaha, Nebraska. Now, almost 20 years later, the original location is moving across the street. Their new spot is a free-standing building with drive-thru and will showcase their new look and service model.

“Coming back to where we started to introduce a new start is nothing short of exciting for us” said Erin Palladino, Chief Marketing Officer. “We have worked hard on this next gen set-up, and we are excited to see our customer’s reaction” Palladino continued.

Outside of a whole new look, PepperJax Grill’s next generation locations will offer multiple service channels such as cashier ordering and kiosk ordering. Drive thrus will also be added where possible. Everything about the brand’s evolution is offering choices and convenience to the guest in a relaxed and fun environment. However, there is one staple the brand refuses to give on and that’s the grill. Cooking to order and being grill-centric will always be a brand standard.

As far as future plans go, PepperJax hopes to refresh existing locations to the their new look and service model. The company currently has 32 locations across six states and counting. To find a grill near you, you can visit Our Locations and Menus | PepperJax Grill | Custom Cheesesteaks and More. for more information.

If you’re in the Omaha area, their new location is located at 2444 S 132nd Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68144 and set to open on August 16th, 2021.


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PepperJax has launched 2 new mobile kitchens. The food trucks are mini replicas of a PepperJax kitchen including their grill. Similar to in-store operations, they will be cooking live to order.

The trucks have a multi-purpose use for the brand. Outside of traditional things like events and festivals, PepperJax will use the trucks as a teaser for new restaurant openings. Additionally, they plan to utilize the trucks at existing restaurants that will be going through a brand refresh.

PepperJax introduced it’s first mobile kitchen in North Platte, Nebraska ahead of their store opening. The second truck is on the move in Iowa participating in local events this summer. The brand hopes to be able to offer mobile kitchens in the future for large caters and private parties.

“They’re the real deal. We didn’t skimp on the process and will be cooking to order just like we do in-store. We also added technology to stay current like digital menu boards and a sound system to keep guests entertained” says Erin Palladino, Chief Marketing Officer.

The mobile kitchens are a new way for PepperJax to participate within communities they service and introduce themselves to new ones. It really is grill-to-go, with the new PepperJax mobile kitchen. Food trucks beware.


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PepperJax will open their newest location this July in North Platte, Nebraska.  They will be located at 1313 S Dewey Street. The restaurant will have dine-in and drive-thru options. They will also be introducing a limited bar offering.

North Platte patrons can get a preview of their famous phillies ahead of the open by visiting the PepperJax food truck. The truck is located in front of the future location.  The food truck hours are 11:00am – 8:00pm, 5 days a week. If you’re looking to join the Grand Opening team, apply online at Get a Job | PepperJax Grill | Careers at PepperJax or stop by the food truck for more information.

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Arby’s, Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta, El Pollo Loco, Houlihan’s, Johnny Rockets, Krystal, PepperJax Grill and Sonic Drive-In also introduce new items

Slow-cooked pulled pork grilled to order with mushroom, onions, green peppers, and banana peppers on a Philly roll, also available at a bowl, $7.50

Availability: Permanent


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PepperJax Grill Rolls Out New Pulled Pork

Brave the heat this summer and get your buns out for PepperJax Grill’s all new Pulled Pork. The newest grill option is available at all PepperJax Grill locations now.
True to its signature grill experience, the new Pulled Pork is fired up and grilled-up fresh for every guest order then loaded with mushrooms, onions, green peppers and banana peppers and layered on to a hearth-baked Philly roll.
“Our guests love us for our high-quality meats grilled up right in front of them,” says Tim Casey, CEO of PepperJax Grill.
“Pulled Pork stays true to that grill experience as it brings guests a new, full-of-flavor option that balances something new with something tried-and-true. Pulled Pork continues to round-out our protein offerings at the grill, we love the product and can’t wait for our guests to try it.”
PepperJax Grill restaurants have been firing up classic Jax Phillies with savory meats, like Classic Steak or Smoked Brisket, served hot-off-the grill for more than 15 years in a welcoming ambiance all grilled in an experience all its own. Guests can add the new Pulled Pork to any Philly, Bowl, or Loaded Fries at their nearest location today.